Pressure relief valves for sanitary applications

Pressure relief valves improve productivity when compared to rupture discs.

Rupture discs require shutdowns after an overpressure event to replace disc elements. Product losses and downtime can be costly. Shutdown is needed to process the replacement after each rupture occurrence. This can be time-consuming and cost valuable time and money.

With the Clean Service series, LESER offers safety valves that reseat after an overpressure event and meet the high requirements of the biotech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry. The low dead space and the gap-free internal construction guarantee a high degree of cleanliness.

Short and uniform delivery times for Clean Service safety valves

  • Better cleaning through:
    • Low dead space ratio L/D from up to < 0.33
    • HyTight Assembly: gap-free design of the internal parts
    • Surfaces packages according to ASME BPE and DIN 11866 with a high surface quality up to Ra max = 0.375µ m / 15µ inch
  • Easy process integration through cleaning (CIP) or sterilizing (SIP) with pneumatic lifting device possible
  • Worldwide approvals, FDA-compliant elastomers and a wide range of aseptic connections
  • Alternative to bursting disc


LESER Clean Service pressure relief valves are designed, marked, produced and approved according to the requirements of the following regulations:

Valve Types

Type 481

Small capacity at high set pressure

DN15 – DN25 (3/4″ – 1″)

Type 483

Small to medium capacity, best cleanability and a variety of aseptic connections

DN 25 – DN 40 (1″ – 2″)

Type 488

High capacity, variety of aseptic connections

DN 25 – DN 100 (1″ – 4″)

Type 485

Small to medium capacity, low dead space ratio through weldable integrated pipework connection

Type 484

Small to medium capacity, low dead space ratio through weldable vessel connection

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